All Creations Start Somewhere...

I started writing about ten years ago. It was a young adult romance novella that never got finished. After Jade passed away I went to grief counseling and one of the suggestions was journaling. I don't journal. It's not my thing. I do like to write though, so I started writing a memoir that gradually became my therapy. I struggled at first because it triggered so many emotions, but over time I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. My memoir soon became a self-help book for the grieving process. The cover design was always in my head. We have always gone for walks to our community lake and the girls enjoyed it so much that I wanted this image to be my cover. I started with a sketch and then found a photo that only needed a little sprinkle of spirit. My cover designer; Jeremy Wells took my idea and images I gave him and put them into art. He took the image right from my mind. My logo design was a joint creation between Mark and I. We wanted a heart that connected this life and Jade's new life. It just made sense. I have been connected with so many family members since Jade's passing that it has brought me much comfort. In my book, I share my life raising the twins, my development as a Psychic-Medium and the path I took to healing. Finding my new purpose in this crazy world has given me such joy and happiness and I want to share that with you.

I hope you enjoy my book!

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