How Do You Communicate with Spirit?

I get that question often...

"How do you talk to spirit?"

"What do they sound like?"

"What are they doing in HEAVEN?"

"Can they see everything we do?" (my favorite, haha!)

I cannot speak for all Mediums, only for myself. When I connect with spirit, it is like having a thought pop in your head, but it is not yours. Sounds strange, I know...but hear me out.

When I want to connect with spirit or feel the pulling sensation that a spirit is trying to connect with me, I get a strange vibrating throughout my body. It is like that feeling you get when you have had too much caffeine. Although, for some of you that is your norm. It often happens first thing in the morning, especially if I had contact in my dreams. The messages come to me as symbols, pictures, childhood memories or names and initials.

I have had loved ones of friends give me messages in my dreams and just randomly while reading a post of a friend after their loved one passed. I have run into people that I have not seen in over 20 years, only to find out their parent just passed. It is never a is their parent connecting us so they can have me relay a message. It is nuts but happens more than you can imagine. The difficult part is finding a way to tell them you have a message without freaking them out. The messages are literally like a puzzle piece and I must put it together or once I tell the person what I am seeing, they help me make sense of it. I even get messages about pets.

I do not hear their actual voice; I hear their thoughts. And Yes! They can see everything we do. That used to bother me but now I do not worry about it. I live my life. As for what they are doing in Heaven...whatever they want. They can be anywhere at any time. Time does not exist in Heaven. If you travel, they travel. If you talk to them aloud or in your head, it is the same. They hear everything you say and think.

You CAN communicate with them too! Ask them to give you a sign, but tell them what you want to see, so you will recognize it. The most common signs are animals and numbers. You may be talking to them or thinking of them and all of a sudden you see a butterfly, lady bug, dragonfly, cardinal, rabbit or some other spirit animal. Or you may suddenly get a series of numbers, like "111", "222" or other number sequences that you will recognize. Do not go looking for signs, let them find you. They will, trust me!

Have faith that you will see them again one day. We all eventually reunite with our loved ones who have passed. Don't rush it though! Live YOUR life and fulfil your destiny. Don't focus on someone else's. They came to do what they were destined to do. It might not be what you wanted for them but trust it is what was supposed to be.


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