What is YOUR Purpose?

After Jade passed, I was tormented by the question, "What's my purpose?"

I had spent years trying to figure this out. I had this void that I couldn't fill. It was an overwhelming feeling that I was supposed to be doing something else, something bigger...something of value. This only worsened after Jade's death.

My job (career) of twenty years has been a blessing and has allowed me to work from home to take care of my twins, but I still longed for the feeling I got when I helped someone. When I had my Holistic Practice, I met many clients that needed my help with physical ailments and that was very rewarding for me, but my responsibilities at home with my twins limited my time away, thus causing me to close my office.

Now, for the past two years I have been writing my Memoir that slowly became a Self-Help book. My book comes out this Friday, the 27th and I feel that it will reach the people it's supposed to. There's not much profit to be made monetarily, but that's not my motivation. My motivation is that longing to help people and I pray that's what I accomplish. I have often sold myself short and discounted the fact that I have provided care for my twins for almost twenty years. That's just what Mom's do...I'd say. Well, it has been my purpose and now I see that. It has been a blessing.

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Are you searching for your purpose?

Maybe stop looking for "SOMETHING" and just focus on being "SOMEONE" that has the ability to change a life just by being present. Give love unconditionally and expect nothing in return. What if your purpose in life was just to live? What if your purpose was something you've been doing all along?

Don't discredit your spirit, your soul...you are a gift to this world, just being YOU!

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