Why I wrote "Hugs from Heaven"

After my daughter Jade passed away, I went into a depression. I was in a dark place and lost my interest in life. Most everything that once brought me much joy and happiness had no effect on me at all. I was numb. One of my counseling sessions had mentioned journaling but I was not interested in journaling. It never felt natural to me. I did, however, enjoy writing. So, I started the book. At first it was just me writing down my journey with my twins, from pregnancy to now. Over the two years I wrote, I decided to share my experiences with connecting with spirit and the steps I took to process my grief. I say "MY" because it was mine and no one else felt it.

Everyone who has lost someone will experience grief. We all go through the phases that have been scientifically documented and proven. What is different is how we manage it. No two people are alike. What works for one person may not work for the another. I have noticed over the years after talking to others who have lost a loved one; we all have a way to connect to them or receive validation that they are still with us.

In my book; "Hugs from Heaven", I share my personal stories of my visits from my daughter; the pictures, the signs she sends on a daily basis and I also talk about my communication with other spirits of friends and family. As a child, I always had the ability to communicate but was not comfortable exploring that gift. I rarely ever discussed it and feared rejection from people. No one wants to be viewed as crazy. I am also an Empath. I pick up on emotions, feelings, thoughts...visions. It is very useful sometimes, and other times it can be toxic. I am still learning how to manage that skill.

If you have lost someone or know someone who has lost someone, this book will open your eyes and help you realize; we are never alone. There is another person, mother, father, brother, sister...just like you...out there in this big crazy world, feeling grief.

It can get better; you can survive this. The old saying, "Time Heals All", is so true.

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